Developing Curriculum for the ‘Train-the-Trainers’ Course

Haiti, April 2014:
The Involved Citizen Project is underway!  We have been busily developing a first aid curriculum for a train-the-trainers course in Haiti.  Our aim is to teach local health advocates to teach their community members skills in first aid.  In this way, we hope the education they receive will continue to be taught in a sustainable, locally driven way.
This curriculum is locally adapted and developed to use locally available materials, without the dependence on expensive or difficult to obtain equipment.  It is targeted to injuries and medical emergencies that we know to be locally prevalent.  We are thankful to have have received valuable input from our local partners in this process.
We have developed a training manual for learners of the curriculum, as well as a teaching program and manual for local EMEDEX trainers to use when teaching their community members these skills.  This has been translated into Haitian Creole, and locally tested and edited for ease of use.

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