At the core of our mission is the advancement of sustainable emergency healthcare solutions. We seek not only to provide medical professionals abroad with the skill-set to enhance their ability to care for patients, but also with the resources and know-how to train others. In doing so, the framework to strengthen a country’s healthcare system from within is established. Additionally, we focus on engagement of local partners with insight into and experience in the local healthcare system, which is paramount to developing locally relevant and appropriate solutions.


Why now?

There is currently a shift in the leading causes of death worldwide from communicable diseases to non-communicable disease entities. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of injuries worldwide. A study of the global burden of disease in 2010 has shown a 46% rise in road traffic accidents alone. It is now more crucial than ever that countries have well developed pre-hospital systems and trained professionals in emergency medicine in order to respond to these growing demands. EMEDEX is at the forefront in helping to address these critical global health issues.

Some of our projects include:

  • The development of volunteer pre-hospital first responder networks within areas that lack basic emergency services.
  • Working alongside government officials to address long-term medical infrastructure solutions such as the establishment of a formal ambulance system· Disaster preparedness training for medical providers in high-risk areas.
  • Curriculum development in emergency medicine at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Faculty development programs, so as to create a group of committed leaders for the advancement of emergency medicine.
  • Partnerships with regional hospitals to provide consultation on best-practices, as well as the identification of growth areas that could provide immediate improvement in emergency care.

Through education and local partnership, with a focus on self-sustainability, we hope to develop improved emergency medical systems that will continue to flourish well into the foreseeable future.

EMEDEX International

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