Our Partnership in Haiti

EMEDEX has a main focus on Haiti. Haiti has been challenged with difficult financial conditions, natural disasters, and has had to bear the added toll of fleeting external aid. We are invested in Northeast Haiti, a region that suffers disproportionately from poor healthcare infrastructure and very limited financial resources, even as compared to conditions of the country as a whole. As attention around the earthquake in 2010 waned, many aid organizations and resources disappeared, leaving a region and country in disrepair to pick up the pieces.  We have remained.

EMEDEX International has maintained continuous programmatic presence in Northeast Haiti for over a decade and is the only organization dedicated to emergency care development serving this region. We are honored to have long-established, strong partnerships with local stakeholders in the region, including hospital and ambulance service directors, the regional Minister of Health, healthcare professionals, and key community leaders.

Through our work, we have trained over 300 community first responders to provide first aid in remote and difficult to access areas. We have increased the capacity of local hospitals to identify emergencies in pregnant women, by use of bedside ultrasound. We have given a disaster toolkit to local health clinics to use in the event of a future disaster, such as an earthquake. We are now working on linking our community first responders with the existing ambulance system and dispatch, and we are building emergency care capacity in the regional referral hospital.

In collaboration with our local partners, we have achieved several important steps toward raising the quality of emergency healthcare in the Northeast and hope that our work can serve as a model for other resource poor regions.

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