Educational Partnership: South Africa

R E F L E C T I O N S   F R O M   O U R   R E S I D E N T S EMEDEX International I N  S O U T H   A F R I C A :
EMEDEX International

“Overall, my experience in South Africa was great and very valuable. Educational exchange was one of my goals and it was definitely met. I learned just as much from our colleagues in South Africa as they did from me. Furthermore, I left with a better understanding of public and global health, its needs and discrepancies, mainly in infectious disease, and I hope that as I pursue my career in international Emergency Medicine, I can help address some of these issues, even if at a local level. In South Africa particularly, HIV is a huge public health issue and burden. Until recently, the government had ignored this issue, not recognizing that the country has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world. A good project through emergency medicine would be doing HIV testing and referring them to appropriate outpatient treatment centers and educating them in the ED about the disease and prevention.”


EMEDEX International


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