Official Campaign Opened for Involved Citizens Project!

November 19, 2016:

There is no prehospital emergency care available in Northeast Haiti. Motorcycle taxi drivers are the primary transport mechanism. In times like the recent Hurricane Matthew, patients who are unable to reach a clinic or hospital for an emergency risk significant illness or even death.

EMEDEX International is a not-for-profit dedicated to strengthening Haiti’s healthcare from within through the Involved Citizen Project . This initiative teaches basic emergency care and teaching skills to Haitian citizens. Using a “train-the-trainer” model, EMEDEX recently graduated 22 trainers who can teach first aid skills to more members of their community. The majority of trainers have expressed commitment to continuing this work. As one of the trainers, Jean Baptiste Leandre, put it “I want to train people so that they can save other people’s lives.”

Now EMEDEX needs help funding the classes that these 22 trainers will teach. EMEDEX is focusing on training motorcycle taxi drivers because they are the primary emergency transport system in Northeast Haiti.

Each training session is funded by five $50 donations , which covers the cost of facilitating classes, including printing of manuals and purchasing teaching supplies for one year. The total fundraising goal is $5700.

Use of the train-the-trainer model has the potential to exponentially increase the teaching of basic emergency medical skills in the Northeast Haitian community. By investing in local Haitian trainers you are expanding the resources and skillset of this community. Help EMEDEX International achieve this goal.

Visit our fundraising page to donate today!